The ARK Foundation Background

The beginning of helping and sharing [2003]

            Mr. Gra nt M. Waldman is American business man who rent the area behind … to do Guest house for help stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered animals, mostly dogs and cats, at that place to make them have a better life and sweet home. The number of stray dog in his responsibility increase rapidly in just a few months, he need to find new house that far away from town where they can stay together without any problem or … in named of “Love Animal House” with corporation from Khun Wit or Mr.Sorawich Noisapung (Manager of Love Animal House) and Khun Dip or Mr.Bundit Muenruekam (Animal Nourishing)

Actually, the ARK is the first animal rescue housing of Chiang Mai that support other stray dogs rescue group for a long time but people  didn’t know the ARK much because the founder of the ARK, Mr. Grant love peaceful and he’s happy with a little thing in his life which is live to taking care of his dogs.


            He always spend his time with favorites book and his dogs, more than 150 life of dogs that he bring them to this house and have freedom to live here with happy life.
            Love Animal House under managing of Khun Wit joint with Animal Rescue Association to be a part of support living of animal life more as much as we can. According to difference in thought of policy and unexpectedly the death of Khun Wit at USA which cause separate to be the ARK  since 2009 until now under Khun Dip responsibility. Mr. Grant hope that a little NOAH ARK could be support these animals as much as possible. According to the expansion of Chiang Mai, we have to move about 3 timeswhile increasing of number of animals’ life. After we faced the epidemic, all of our cats died and it affected to Mr. Grant very much, this losing pets made him very sad about it and hard to get over it. Then Mr. Grant stopped keeping cats anymore.

July 2012
It’s the first time that the ARK started rescue the injured animal outside Chiang Mai, at Pak Chong, NakhonRatchasima Province. We got the report from Facebook; the dog stuck in a trap and got wounds with pain for long timebut the people around there couldn’t caught.

September 2012 Mr. Grant has got a cancer while he is staying at USA. Eventually, He died in 2013, Feb 24. All 6 months that he stayed there, we lose contact with him and Khun Dip takes that responsibility all more than 150 animals, other staffs and also all of expensation.

                  A Big Changing When Captain is Gong               

After losing Mr. Grant and they chased us out of there third time due to expanding of community, the owner filled out that surface for sale. Finally, The ARK received an assistant to used some part of PhanomSet garden,Sukhothai province for temporary animals shelter.


Forming The ARK Foundation 2014, July 4

The ARK was announced to bea foundation and got a certificate,succession by Mr.Bundit Muenruekamfrom assistance by Mr.Jirat Phanomsretand Mr.Thiphakorn Buranasiricorporate with Ms.Gail Dila about charity concert forregistration certificate fund.

First of all, The ARK changed logo from animals on NOAH' ARK into happy animal facemade it look simply and universality but still use The ARK Foundation which fromthe abbreviation of Animals Rescue Kingdom as formerly named by Mr.Grant


Until 2015, October 15 we adjusted the logo to be fashionably but simply as iconin social network site like Facebook“The ARK Chiangmai” a official page which means to let people know helping the animals as a mission of us also remind to uncle Grant, thefounder.

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